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Jun 16, 2016
I have to admit, though

Dandelion greens add a pleasant bitter bite—and loads of nutrients—to this weeknight-quick pasta. Recipe below.

Last week, we cooked with ramps acquired at a supermarket, of all places. That same trip yielded fresh dandelion greens. While long a staple of farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurant menus, their recentish appearance in mainstream grocery store produce departments surprises me a little. It also impresses me. Supermarkets are increasingly getting the way we eat—or at least aspire to.

seeing dandelion greens in the produce department makes me smile too. Arguably one of the most successful self-propagating plants on the planet, dandelions are the stubborn enemy of gardeners everywhere. In fact, a healthy crop is pushing its way through construction debris in our backyard now.

But for far longer than we’ve been battling them, we’ve been eating them. Throughout most of recorded history, in fact. The entire plant is edible, from the flower petals to the leaves, right down to the tap roots. We’ve also been using dandelions medicinally just as long. The modern Latin name, Taraxacum officinale, actually refers to the plant’s use as a healing herb.

The leaves, our focus here, are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins A, C and K, as well as fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and the B vitamins. USDA has named dandelion greens as one of the top four green vegetables for nutrition.

When cooked, dandelion greens have a pleasantly bitter flavor. When using them raw, selecting smaller, younger leaves and blanching them tames the bitterness much as cooking does.

Here’s the delicious weeknight dinner Marion made with our bunch of dandelion greens.

Posted at 09:11 pm by eimly0630
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Dec 16, 2013
so much of the road

I do not know if you can find A man so calm down , and suddenly thought of you still do not know whether they can find you . Because they know that a lot of things really missed missed, pass that moment, as if too many things in that for a few seconds away. When we look back , but found already gone. Would prefer to believe in fate , I believe cause and effect, I believe five hundred times Looking back only for this life pass , only for the origin of life is not the edge . Full seven years , really has been in the past seven years, seven years, if my kids grow up already accounted for a large part of proportion . Seven years ago, she was still a silly child, just entering junior high school, what is fresh, what is strange . The new campus at the moment, still remember gushed from the heart of fear and fear. New in this introverted and reticent child can not touch the heart of which is a non- reference , untouchable , synonymous with fear . Now own retrospect, might still feel in my heart that every child will have this feeling , but, some people show it, some people hiding it. Few believe in fate , few believe that the fate of that you may encounter , this time in retrospect . So I had to use the word to express fate . Buddhist reincarnation of desire that follow the fate of reason . If there is reincarnation, fate , I'd rather go back to seven years ago , preferring to go again when her students. Because, now I can not find her, because once I took her as my teacher , but also to her as my mother. Despite memories wander , it is really hard to find now share moved. Once upon a time , such as tea filled the air, sip , swallow, tea remains the same, the roundabout in the mouth , a long soak into the depths . I've forgotten my teenage enter junior high school, she entered the class . Just know that time that I was very introverted as a child , and others will speak blush , like the quiet , lonely and scared and alone. Never is the kind of character Taitailielie naughty students . Perhaps then himself had learned what is lonely , what is a person. Now will still use their own helpless to express their feelings , is not alone when it has learned the taste . Much like an excuse when quiet , it is more disguised himself again very strong, a man disguised himself still very good , a person is still happy. Can a person really only a lonely Everyone knows that a person's emotions can only suffer in silence in the heart , after all , no one will have the obligation to understand you, to take care care of you, because you want to grow large . She is no longer common, but there are a name . When our teacher was arranged . Everything is ordinary , normal wear , general appearance, ordinary words , very young, it seems just graduated from college soon . She is our office director and art teacher. We always understand the importance of being an art teacher never will be arranged when the teacher how such a task it? Happening to someone else 's story I do not know , I just happen to know who 's the most real thing. Because they really understand what is moving , what is missing warmth. I remember one day doing morning exercises, each arranged in two classes do , go to the student teacher are routinely exercises . They did not even noticed their uniforms broke, you brought me a needle and thread sewing . Needle and thread it has always been the mother of the tool , and your tool is chalk . Why not say , when you feel like a mother feel special . Perhaps in that strange environment is the lack of a little care and warmth of it . Anyway really full of gratitude and remembrance. Every winter will be cold hands , I do not know how you know, I do not know how you find the frostbite cream, help me wipe your hands , maybe in your eyes you just do extra work with a teacher , and in my reckoning absolutely is very warm, very impressed maybe everyone will be moved to the shock of some inexplicable too , perhaps in the process of growing our true precisely because of these inexplicable moved is that we know how to Thanksgiving , to understand the joy , to understand the how to soothe our minds have left scars. Time flies , so , after such a long time , we have never seen before , do not know whether you can still see you , just know that once memories so profound. So unforgettable. I know that you will bid farewell to another batch of students , perhaps in your memory long forgotten once early story. But I also know that for a child and the students, leaving behind a lifetime of feelings . Feel that from the bottom of the heart in a long time on the visual beauty and shock. Flows from year to year , just hope you well , regardless of whether that corner there will see you will find you are not recognize your face look like in the memory. Perhaps destined to be lost lost lost doomed to lose . But regardless find found, or destined to leave the encounter . Really wish you well , once you are in the minds of ignorant teenager that Yimiyangguang left , then had to help him walk bumpy , so much of the road .

Posted at 10:26 pm by eimly0630
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21 dead as bus falls from Manila highway onto van

TV footage of the crash in Philippines showed a number of bodies strewn around the bus wreckage with police officers milling around. MANILA, Philippines — A passenger bus plunged from an elevated highway in suburban Manila and fell onto a van passing below Monday morning, killing at least 21 people and injuring 20 others, police said. TV footage showed a number of bodies strewn around the bus wreckage with police officers nearby. The van was an unrecognizable pile of smashed white metal. The bus veered off the Skyway, as the elevated road is called, and crashed onto the van in suburban Paranaque city at dawn, said police Superintendent Elizabeth Velasquez. The van's driver was killed and the bus driver was in serious condition in a hospital, she said. It wasn't immediately clear what caused the accident but the highway was wet from rain, said Ivy Vidal, a spokeswoman from Skyway Operations and Maintenance Corp. Irene Sisperes, a motorist who witnessed the accident, said she was driving with her daughter at 50 mph when the bus overtook her car. She estimated that the bus was traveling at between 62 mph and 68 mph. She said it was still dark and it was raining when the accident happened. "After a few meters, I saw the bus fell and I shouted, 'The bus fell, the bus fell'," she told DZMM radio, adding there were no other cars nearby. Sisperes said she saw the damaged railing of the highway and some debris and reported the incident at the toll gate. ____

Posted at 12:36 am by eimly0630
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